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Minnesota Cremation & Memorial Society

When a family is faced with the death of a loved one, they have many decisions to make. Many families today are deciding cremation might meet their needs but are not sure.

The Minnesota Cremation & Memorial Society offers the simple and dignified  alternative to the traditional funeral at a reasonable cost. People select cremation for many reasons. For some, it is their family tradition. Others don't feel comfortable with the ceremonial aspects of a funeral, still others don't want burial or caskets. The simplicity factor is very important in selecting cremation.

Below you will find our most popular packages and offerings. You may also click here to download our full General Price List.
Simple Cremation

Simple Cremation

This basic service includes local transportation of the body, the arrangements with the family, placement of death notices, cremation and return of urn to the family.

Package Pricing: $2,795
Memorial Service

Memorial Service

A memorial service may be held in a church, home, park, or other acceptable public accommodation. We assist in the arrangement of the memorial service and supervise the details.

Prices Start at  $3,820
Full Service

Full Service

Visitation and funeral ceremony with the body present followed by cremation.

Prices Start at $6,820

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