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    Why Should I Plan Ahead

    Benefits of planning in advance:
    We have found that when death hits so close to home, we usually begin to think about our own mortality. Has this been true for you? We begin to think of ways that we can make our own death a little bit easier on our family. So, here at Washburn-McReavy, we offer some services specially designed to help you remove that burden from your family. The time to take care of it is now...while it's on your mind. 

    Benefits of Pre-Arrangement

    - You make the important decisions regarding your funeral now, ensuring your wishes are known.

    - You will spare your family from making these critical decisions without you and in their time of grief

    - You will have the opportunity to consult with loved ones and make arrangements that are satisfying and clear.

    - You can keep and organize your personal records.

    - You will be able to plan and pay for a service that fits your budget.

    - You can help protect your family from inflation or unexpecte expenses.

    - Your family will be left with love and warm memories, not expenses and difficult decisions.

    There are many reasons to prearrange, but the most important is the peace of mind you and your loved ones will share when you can say that everything has been taken care of.

    Why Pre-Plan with Washburn-McReavy?

    By pre-planning with us, you’re assured that your final wishes are known. This relieves your family of the burden of making difficult decisions, under emotional duress. Through pre-funding your plan, expenses will be covered when you need them to be. That's guaranteed.

    Our plans offer a variety of payment options to fit most everyone. Choose the payment option that's right for you.

    Ready to get started?

    Request a personal appointment with a Washburn-McReavypre-planning advisor. Please contact us by clicking on the link below.

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